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ANTILLECTUAL - Start From Scratch

ANTILLECTUAL - Start From Scratch
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ANTILLECTUAL - Start From Scratch
Référence : TB-A-SFS
Melodic punk rock à la Propagandhi.

1.Every Crisis Is a Moral Crisis 04:20
2.Buyer's Remorse 03:49
3.The Hunt Is On! 02:32
4.America's Worst Role Model 02:50
5.Cut The Ground From Under Our Feet 01:36
6."Kraken Gaat Door!" 02:46
7.Some Of My Best Friends Are Meat Eaters 02:26
8.Chinese Takeover 02:26
9.Our Hearts 03:01
10.The New Jew 03:32
11.Classic Themes Never Get Old 02:53
12.So Much More 03:35

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