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Never Trust An Asshole (NT2A) is a micro-label born in 2009 in Tarbes, FR (and now also based in Brussel, BE), from our will to get involved in a musical scene that seemed important to us : punk rock and its subgenres. As many other people in this scene we are first driven by passion and for us the “punkrock” goes far beyond the strictly musical aspects. Values such as solidarity, « Do-It-Yourself », sharing and passion are fully embraced by what we call “punk rock”. This is why we quickly started compilations projects, fanzines, distros, then records releases and co-releases, all this encouraging to share things and meet new people.
We try our best to manufacture our records by ourselves and create nice objects, by hancrafted record sleeves, or handmade printing (silkscreen, linocut). It is by this creative approach that we enjoy to get involved in our projects!