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BIAS - State of mind

BIAS - State of mind
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BIAS - State of mind
Référence : TB-B-SOF
Punkrock from Lannemezan.
For fans of Uncommonmenfrommars, Strung Out, Lagwagon. First and awesome album

1.Breaking Even 01:31
2.Gaïa Bleeds 02:28
3.Friends & Family 03:20
4.Fucked By Fate 01:58
5.Getting High With Lionel Richie 03:53
6.We Are 02:34
7.Nighthawks 02:28
8.Jenny Parker 03:17
9.Carte Blanche 02:47
10.Sorry We're Late 02:45
11.Shortcut To Pandemonium 02:09
12.Margin All 03:39
13.Daily News Feed 02:48

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