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FOOLISH - Back On Track

FOOLISH - Back On Track
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FOOLISH - Back On Track
Référence : TB-FO-BOT
90's melodic punk rock / crack rock from Clermont-Ferrand, FR

1.Intro (feat G - The Infested) 01:11
2.Back On Track 02:27
3.My Boss Is Great 01:30
4.Loneliness 02:20
5.Routine (feat Till - GxP) 02:40
6.Out Of Memories 03:04
7.This Is My Way 02:59
8.Nightmare Comes True 03:06
9.Fall Is Coming 02:28
10.Simple Life (feat Tom - Union Jack) 02:35
11.Breakdown 02:38
12.Sick As Fuck (feat Bouncito) 02:10
13.Let's Have A Ride (feat Romain Charly Fiasco) 04:14
14.Stay Cool (feat S.P.B.H.C Crew) 03:15

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