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How to order :
1. When finishing your order, select "Payment on delivery"

2. Post fees : you will pay the total price including post fees after having received our confirmation email.
That is the best way to calculate the exact post fees!

3. Payment : we accept bank transactions (RIB, account number etc), cheques (but that is not the easiest option for us), bills (well hidden in an enveloppe).
We also accept Paypal, but, come on... these guys are making money on our back!

4. Delivery : personal delivery or "punk post" : let us not if there is a possibility
This webstore includes NT2A records as well as all the items present in our distros, records/people that we like and want to spread the word about.

Please note that we have two different distros : Tarbes and Bruxelles (BXL).

So if you order items from the two distros, there will be two shippings (= 2x post fees)
Interested for a trade with your label or your band?

We sell a record from your band or your label and you think we do not apply the right price?
Please email us!