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THE FAKE BOYS -This is where our songs..

THE FAKE BOYS -This is where our songs..
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THE FAKE BOYS -This is where our songs..
Référence : TB-TFB-TIW
“This is where our songs live”
Pop punk super atypique, textes désabusés à fond, vraiment génial!

1.sometimes i write songs all the time 01:37
2.be free 02:24
3.i love 01:45
4.logical ape 01:32
5.for eric and matt 01:27
6.life is stupid 01:19
7.sorry about new years eve 02:23
8.this is where our songs live 01:55
9.crush 02:20
10.i wish i was dead 01:16
11.they don't know 01:25
12.i quit 02:03

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